The demo recordings and video clips below were all created in connection with a workshop production of “Pickle-Chiffon Pie: The Musical” hosted by the Adventure Theatre Company on October 28, 2012. Michael J. Bobbitt served as Director of the workshop production and William Yanesh as Music Director of an extremely talented cast consisting of:

Carolyn Agan
Sandy Bainum
Mikey Cafarelli
Bill Diggle
S. Lewis Feemster
Mary Beth Luckenbaugh
Chris Mueller
Russell Sunday


1. FESTIVAL OF CUKES (Villagers)

2. TWO OF A KIND (Musselbaum & Wellred)

3. FESTIVAL OF CUKES, Reprise #1 (Villagers)

4. FESTIVAL OF CUKES, Reprise #2 (Willoughbye)

5. FESTIVAL OF CUKES, Reprise #3 (Villagers)

6. PICKLE-CHIFFON PIE (Lauralai, All)

7. JUST BERNARD (Bernard & Sunnyskye)

8. PICKLE-CHIFFON PIE, Reprise (All)

9. TOO MANY PRINCES(Willoughbye, Lauralai, Sunnyskye)


Demo Sampler

Here is a single “sampler” track containing parts of some of our original demo recordings of the songs. We believe this track provides some insight into the pop/rock feel of the show we envision for the fully orchestrated final version. We enjoyed creating them and hope you enjoy listening to them!