2008: With Jolly Roger Bradfield’s support, we commenced work on our adaptation of “Pickle-Chiffon Pie.”

2009-11: We wrote over 25 pop-rock style songs and created demo recordings to showcase our initial work.

2011: Michael J. Bobbitt, the Producing Artistic Director of Adventure Theatre Company-MTC, agreed to collaborate with us. With Mr. Bobbitt’s guidance, we overhauled the score, revised the book (now written in collaboration Mr. Bobbitt), and enhanced the dramatic structure to create a dynamic work of theatre for young audiences.

2012: We held a summer reading at Adventure Theatre to assess the success of our initial work. We engaged the talented William Yanesh to develop full piano and vocal arrangements. Subsequently, we hosted a successful workshop performance at Adventure Theatre in late October.

2013: We honed our adaptation for publication to a wider audience. In September, we launched our web site to promote the work.

2015-2018:  We began a collaboration with Orlando Repertory Theatre, including enlisting Jeff Revels on the structure and Education Director, Jennifer Adams as another book writer, to help further refine the work.  This work included development of a large-cast Youth Academy version.

2019:  Final preparation begins on a Youth Academy production at the Orlando Repertory Theatre.

2020:  The World Premiere is scheduled to open at Orlando Repertory Theatre on May 1, 2020, with an enthusiastic cast of 40 young actors.  In March of 2020, several weeks into rehearsals, the production is cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

2022:  The World Premiere is scheduled to open on April 30 at Orlando Repertory Theatre, with a cast of 36, including 16 members returning from the 2020 cast.

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