Cast Album

The recordings below were created during the COVID-19 pandemic in connection with the world premiere of the Youth Academy version of the musical. Rob Resetar was involved in creating the underlying arrangements, with studio work done by a host of others, including the vocal talent of:

Katherine Byrnes
Matthew Holter
Janée Page
Chach Snook


1. ONCE UPON A TIME (Herald, Sunnyskye, Villagers, All)

2. FESTIVAL OF CUKES (Villagers, All)

3. TWO OF A KIND (Musselbaum, Wellred)

4. FESTIVAL OF CUKES (Reprise) (Villagers)

5. FESTIVAL OF CUKES (Reprise #2) (Ladies in Waiting)

6. FESTIVAL OF CUKES (Reprise #3) (Villagers)

7. PICKLE-CHIFFON PIE (Lauralai, Sous Chefs, Kitchen Staffers, All)

8. JUST BERNARD (Bernard)

9. PICKLE-CHIFFON PIE (Reprise) (Lauralai, Wellred, Willoughbye, All)


11. A CONTEST (Willoughbye, Herald, Princes, All)

12. A CONTEST (Reprise) (All)

13. MOST WONDERFUL THING (Royal Family, Princes, All)

14. THE PLAN (Sunnyskye, Villagers, Ladies in Waiting)

15. THE REST IS UP TO YOU (Willoughbye, Lauralai, Sunnyskye, Bernard)

16. ONCE UPON A TIME (Reprise) (Herald, Villagers)

17. FOREST THEME (1) (Musselbaum)

18. LOOK A BIT MORE (Musselbaum, Herald, Ladies in Waiting)

19. FOREST THEME (2) (Wellred)

20. 3.1415! (Wellred, Villagers, Herald)

21. ONCE UPON A TIME (Reprise #2) (Narrator)

22. FOREST THEME (3) (Bernard)

23. THERE’S A REASON (Bernard, Sunnyskye, Herald)

24. FOREST THEME (4) (Musselbaum and Wellred)

25. HEADING FOR A WEDDING (Villagers, Ladies in Waiting, Lauralai, Musselbaum, Wellred)

26. THE REST IS UP TO YOU (Reprise) (Lauralai, Sunnyskye)

27. HEADING FOR A WEDDING (Reprise) (Villagers, Herald, Servant, Musselbaum, Wellred)

28. A HUMBLE PRINCE (Bernard, Snozzle Children)

29. HEAR MY VOICE (Sunnyskye)

30. MOST WONDERFUL THING (Reprise) (Willoughbye, Bernard, All)