Welcome to Pickle-Chiffon Pie:
The Musical

In the Kingdom of Bushelpeck, the royal family is quite distressed. King Willoughbye can’t enjoy his favorite dessert – Queen Lauralai’s famous Pickle Chiffon Pie. Cucumbers, the main ingredient, are in short supply. Adding to the problem, numerous princes are devouring whatever pie supply there is when they are hosted for dinners with Princess Sunnyskye, who is of marrying age. What solution does the King come up with to save his kingdom from this tragedy?

“Pickle-Chiffon Pie: The Musical” is based on the beloved fairy tale by Jolly Roger Bradfield originally published in 1967. It tells an updated version of this timeless tale of the importance of love, kindness, and consideration of others, truly the “Most Wonderful Thing!” Composers/lyricists Jeffrey Artzi and Daniel Tenenbaum have teamed with bookwriter Michael Bobbitt to create a pop-infused score with the cucumber-obsessed people of Bushelpeck, neighboring kingdoms, and the creatures of the nearby Wonderweird Forest. With a cast of 8 (and room for many more), this musical is sure to delight audiences of all ages as they learn how to celebrate the “Festival of Cukes!”

The Original Book

book-coverIf you’re looking for a copy of the original book “Pickle-Chiffon Pie,” by Jolly Roger Bradfield, please click here

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