2008: With Jolly Roger Bradfield’s support, we commenced work on our adaptation of “Pickle-Chiffon Pie.”

2009-11: We wrote over 25 pop-rock style songs and created demo recordings (see below) to showcase our initial work.

2011: Michael J. Bobbitt, the Producing Artistic Director of Adventure Theatre Company-MTC, agreed to collaborate with us. With Mr. Bobbitt’s guidance, we overhauled the score, revised the book (now written by Mr. Bobbitt), and enhanced the dramatic structure to create a dynamic work of theatre for young audiences.

2012: We held a summer reading at Adventure Theatre to assess the success of our initial work. We engaged the talented William Yanesh to develop full piano and vocal arrangements. Subsequently, we hosted a successful workshop performance at Adventure Theatre in late October.

2013: We honed our adaptation for publication to a wider audience. In September, we launched our web site to promote the work.

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